WSUS Automated Maintenance©

WSUS Automated Maintenance (WAM) © is a software solution that automates the maintenance required for WSUS. WAM was created by Adam J. Marshall and is licensed on a yearly subscription through AJ Tek.

Features of WAM

Indexes the WSUS Database

Add WSUS Index Optimization to the database to increase the speed of many database operations in WSUS by approximately 1000-1500 times faster.

Remove Drivers

Remove all Drivers from the WSUS Database and keeps them clean (Default; Optional).

Decline Multiple Types of Updates

Shrink your WSUS Content folder’s size by declining multiple types of updates including by default any superseded updates, preview updates, expired updates, and more.

Remove Declined Updates

Remove declined updates from the WSUS Database.

Clean Synchronization Logs

Clean out all the synchronization logs that have built up over time (configurable, with the default keeping the last 14 days of logs).

Computer Object Cleanup

Computer Object Cleanup (configurable, with the default of deleting computer objects that have not synced within 30 days).


Super Easy Installation

Guided installer for a simple installation experience. It also comes with an unattended installation procedure for easy deployment to multiple systems, or for server core installs.

Support Included

Support is included for active subscriptions on the latest version of the software.

Backup the WSUS Database

Backs up the WSUS database (WID or Local SQL Server). Remote SQL Servers should have an alternative method like an enterprise backup solution already so WAM will not back them up.

Backing Up Windows Server Update Services

It’s a best practice to regularly back up WSUS data as well as update content. Doing so ensures you do not lose critical information about the state of the WSUS server. It can be a rather involved process with its nuances. We will help you learn what you need to know about backing up your WSUS environment.

How Often Should I Run WSUS Maintenance?

According to Microsoft Support, you should be performing WSUS maintenance monthly. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for System Administrators to set up WSUS servers and then forget or completely ignore maintenance tasks, which can cause a number of problems down the road.

Difference Between an Upstream, Downstream and Disconnected Downstream Server

A basic WSUS deployment is composed of a single server within a corporate firewall which connects directly to Microsoft Update. In this simple configuration, updates are downloaded directly to the server. If your configuration includes multiple servers, you’ll have a hierarchy that will include an upstream server and downstream or disconnected downstream servers.

WAM is Always Being Updated and We Offer Prompt Online Support

There’s nothing worse than finding the perfect software, only to discover it’s not regularly updated or that you can’t access meaningful support. At AJ Tek, we believe it’s important to constantly evolve our software and be available to our customers should there be any questions or issues.

How to Install WAM

How to Justify a WAM Subscription?